Why Buy Palestinian?

1. The first reason to buy Palestinian food is simply that it is delicious and the finest quality.  Our Olive Oil is globally renowned for its premium extra virgin quality due to the topography of the land, our ancient trees and our rain-fed agricultural system, unique only to our small area of the world.  We have a short Olive season here in Palestine, so the fruit is picked at its prime before it over-ripens and becomes too acidic, making it amongst the best in the world.  Our traditional Freekah is also unique to our plains and traditional field-based roasting methods and our fragrant zataar and sage ranges are grown wild in our rocky hills making it natural, delicious, healthy and only found here.

2. The second reason to buy Palestinian is to support these small artisanal farmers and producers who rely on their small patches of land to support their families and maintain their way of life.

3. Thirdly, by buying Palestinian food, you are helping us preserve our much-loved culture of food and identity, which is slowly being eroded in the current political situation.