COMBO ANTI - Black Seed Oil + Sumac

Palestinian Black Seed Oil - 100mL/3.38fl oz

1. Black seed oil can be eaten and preferably It should be eaten raw. Most people find it to be slightly bitter and a bit hot. Others liken it to the flavor of cumin or oregano. You consume it raw one teaspoon at a time and Avoid heating it to preserve the nutrients. Due to its strong flavor, you may want to mix the oil with honey or lemon juice before ingesting. You can also mix it with kefir or yogurt. The oil can also be drizzled on salads like dressings, or mixed into teas, smoothies and coffee (although keep in mind the caveats about its pungent taste).  

2. Black seed oil can also be used Topically such as Massaging it onto your skin, Rubin it onto your chest, Rub the oil on your temples, As well as many other uses.


Sumac - 120g (4.23oz)

Sumac is a naturally occurring spice from the hills of Palestine. Native to the Mediterranean, the sumac bush from the Anacardiaceae family produces deep red berries, which are dried and ground into a coarse powder.

Sumac is known to have multiple health benefits, research shows that sumac is rich with antioxidants, bioactive substances with antimicrobial, anticancer properties, and many other benefits. Sumac can be used for stomach pain, gum infection, liver and spleen diseases, as well as it is effective in preventing cardiovascular disease in diabetes II patients.

Residents of small villages (mostly female farmers) harvest sumac from the sumac trees located on the hills of Palestine. Sumac is then sundried, carefully selected, cleaned, and then ground to produce the natural sumac spice without any preservatives or additives.

Sumac is widely used in preparing various dishes that include rice, vegetables, and meat. Because of its dark red color and sharp acidic taste, it is also used to decorate traditional dishes such as humus and Thyme blend. In Palestine, sumac is used in traditional dishes from salad (Fattoush) to the main course (Musakhan), giving a fresh, citrusy flavor to dishes.